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“Virginia Movers” is the best piano movers in Norfolk

The best piano movers in Norfolk

Piano transportation is a responsible and difficult event. Significant weight, size, sensitivity to any bumps, fragility – all this requires real professionalism in piano movers Norfolk.

In addition to endurance and great physical strength the movers need to have experience in this kind of moving.

Using the services of unskilled people, you do not just risk damaging the appearance of the piano, but also disrupt the acoustics and mechanics of your musical instrument.

So it is really necessary to apply to professionals in such important matter as piano moving and you should choose this company very carefully. If you aske the company for piano transportation, be sure to ask about insurance.

Such an experienced moving company as “Virginia Movers” is ready to provide you with a full range of services connected with moving, including piano transportation as well. So, if you want to get your instrument save and sound, leave the problem of its transportation to the professionals from “Virginia Movers”.

Piano Moving Services in Norfolk

Professional piano movers know all the details of piano transportation. The only thing required from you is to give detailed instructions to the loaders on the route of transportation. Professionals will have all the special tools and fixtures for safe transport of the piano. Professionals perform piano moving quickly and with a guarantee of safety.

Transportation of such musical instruments as pianos requires care and respect. Negligence in the transport of the piano can not only affect the sound of the instrument, but also lead to irreversible consequences, it can simply destroy the instrument. The most important thing that you must remember when transporting pianos – it is necessary to exclude even the most minor damage to the mechanism inside the instrument (strings and soundboard). This can be avoided if you eliminate all sorts of vibrations, the probability of drops and bumps, as well as dirt inside the instrument. Precautions should also be taken against possible damage of  the piano finishing (all the instrument, even inexpensive ones, have a lacquer finish, so the scratches will not decorate the instrument).

The piano is removed from the room with the help of special belts, or by using a cart. Professional movers always have some means for conveying heavy subjects. Transportation of pianos should be carried out only in the truck with a covered body. For the safety of the transportation it is necessary  to fix the instrument, this helps to avoid mechanical damage. You can cover the instrument with blankets or some cloth. Such a measure will prevent dirt as well.

If the transport of pianos occurs during the cooler seasons, you must make sure that the instrument will not stay on the street for a long time. It’s bad for the strings and wood of the instrument. After the piano is transported and placed in the room, you need to give rest to the instrument after transportation, preferably during the day. Only then you can start using it.

Tips for piano movers Norfolk

Here are some tips about transportation of the piano that all the movers should observe if they care about their instruments:

  • Before moving the piano you must make sure that the new location you have chosen for it is quite suitable by size and the instrument will fit into the new space. And be sure that, for example, the piano is easily accessed from all the sides for mounting and for the loaders, and in the passage for removal from the apartment.
  • All moving internal objects must be secured, the top cover should be closed and locked, and side removable covers should be also removed.
  • In order to prevent mechanical damage to the surface of the piano, you should wrap a special plastic tape (finishing can be expensive), and in the vehicle it is necessary to fix a musical instrument using the special fasteners.
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