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Moving doesn’t happen rather often, so ordinary people do not even imagine how this difficult process takes place.

That is why this event becomes a stressful or a "painful" occasion for many people.

After all, it is important for anyone to move as soon as possible and preferably without any losses.

But movers arlington va know how to get out of this situation with minimal financial costs, avoid psychological breakdowns and move in a very short time.

Currently, this problem is solved in several ways:

  1. You can refer to friends or look for the small carriers’ offers in newspapers, ads and on various websites.
  2. Call local movers arlington va.

The cost of services, in the first case, will certainly be lower than in the moving company, which makes these offers more attractive. But you will have to deal with dismantling and assembling of furniture, packing things on your own.

The next unpleasant moment is the lack of any guarantees that your property will be transported fully intact and without any damages.

Moving companies offer quality services, which saves the customer from many "headaches" and pitfalls during the process of moving.

Local movers in Arlington VA

Moving companies have an extensive array of specially-equipped vehicles, the permanent office staff and professional loaders, as each of them is trained not only in moving boxes arlington va, but in the specifics of packaging, furniture disassembly and reassembly, correct lifting of heavy objects and the use of special tools for transportation of various weights.

Many organizations and individuals have already benefited from the move with our moving company "Virginia Movers" that is able to perform all the work "turnkey", thereby allowing the customers do their business and do not directly participate in the process of moving.

Comfortable moving with movers Arlington VA

Organization of all types of removal, including office and apartment moving is the main specialization of our company. The experience gained during the years of work in the field of moving, allows us to avoid mistakes and many problems associated with removals. Our transport services in conjunction with the services of professional loaders can save your time and money.

Office relocation, as everyone knows, is very, very difficult. Moreover, this is true if you have no experience in this area. Office moving is one of the priorities of our company.

Office moving ordered in "Virginia Movers" will always pass quickly and painlessly for you.

Another activity of our company is the organization of residential removals. Our team of professional loaders will produce packaging of your furniture (where necessary) and will take it to a new address intact, regardless of the distance and the quality of the roads. As in the case with the office moving, you will not have a reason for anything to worry about.

Affordable packing with local movers Arlington VA

Of course, since we are doing various types of removals, the simple transportation of furniture is also included in the list of our services. We are also engaged in furniture packaging and transportation of cargo that requires special treatment. Our service includes transportation of heavy safes, ATMs, pianos, special equipment, etc.

No matter how difficult your moving is going to be, our professional loaders will cope with it! Why do we pay such a great attention to the issue of professionalism of our loaders? It is simple – from their experience, the experience of carrying bulky items, on their attitude to their job depends largely how quickly they will cope with this task, and, consequently, the amount that you will need to pay.

Peculiarities of furniture transportation

The main difficulty in transportation of any furniture is that most of the buildings are not equipped with freight elevators or the staircases are so narrow that even dismantled sections of furniture pass with difficulty. In such cases, the furniture is completely disassembled, each component is packaged, labeled, and only then, the movement begins. As a rule, moving and assembling of even luxury furniture does not take more than 6-8 hours.

In addition, the assembly and disassembly of furniture depends on the level of professionalism and experience of the loaders. So we have made sure that our staff are professional furniture assemblers with experience in the assembly of furniture.
What we offer:

  • furniture assembly and disassembly when moving;
  • delivery of furniture from the store and its assembly;
  • assembly and disassembly of computer and office equipment;
  • packing and unpacking of furniture;
  • placement of furniture in the house;
  • disposal of old furniture.

We use a variety of packaging materials: stretch tape, air bubble tape, adhesive tape, corrugated boxes, corrugated cardboard.

Whether you need an apartment or office moving, transportation or packaging services, we will certainly help you! Just let us know!

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